Smart Room Technology Playbook: How hospitals are saving nurses time and enhancing patient experience

Explore the technology powering the digital patient room of the future. 

With pressure to achieve more with less, hospitals and health systems are getting more selective with their technology investments. Leaders expect cohesive capabilities like access to real-time information, seamless data exchanges, effective communication and more — all while reducing clinician burden and improving patients' experience at every point of the care journey.

This eBook walks you through the key components of a tech-enabled patient room. Explore concrete examples of how leaders in nursing, patient experience, and innovation are using tools such as the digital whiteboard, Smart TV, digital door sign, and bedside tablets to save nurses time, engage patients, and elevate the standard of care.

  • Enable nurses to practice at the top of their license by leveraging advances in patient education, care coordination, and virtual nursing
  • Personalize the care journey using real-time patient feedback, creating an interactive and inclusive environment, and fostering autonomy
  • Make the patient 'room of the future' a reality with key tips for designing and implementing new technology 


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